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Death between me and my partner,
we'll throw you off lifes track
for i am known as cocaine,
my partner - known as crack.

i come in rock or powder form,
you can snort me, shoot, or freebase
you think that you are in control,
i know thats not the case.

for, from that first line up your nose,
that first small puff of smoke
you're hooked on me forever,
and honey - that's no joke.

you start out doing little lines, that soon start getting bigger
your quarters turn to halves and grams,
for i just squeezed the trigger.

and now you're buying eight balls, to satisfy your urge
it's time for me to step aside,
and let my partner merge.

suddenly you find yourself, spending all your money
you say you want to leave us,
but you can't do that - honey.

for, without us your hands will shake, you'll have no moments rest
from nausea and vomiting,
and sharp pains in your chest.

your nerves will shake and tremble, your head will throb with pain
until you finally take us back,
into your rotting brain.

but now you're out of money, and you need a fix
well, don't worry - honey,
we know all the tricks.

first you pawn your sons T.V., then your daughters gold
how bout grandmas silver set,
there's nothing can't be sold.

now you say there's nothing left, you have no more to sell
then lets go rob a liquor store,
that works just as well.

so now you know there's nothing, that you won't do for me
and we will be together,
for all eternity.

my partner - crack - is worse than i, and has much more to give
but he won't tell you that with him,
you've just nine months to live.

and after that you will be dead, the end of our love story
our time to find another fool,
and lead him to his GLORY!!!

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