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Mountain Sand Dunes Troubles come from far and near,
from family friend and - foe -
we must endure great trials,
for reasons we don't - know...

We need not question God,
when He puts us thru a - test -
we need to praise and thank Him,
God always knows what's - best...

These tests can be quite painful,
but thru them we must - go -
and as we claim our victory,
we see our chance to - grow...

The problems, trials and hardships,
that we must face each - day -
gives God a chance to shape us,
as a potter molds his - clay...

Do not despair or give up hope,
stay strong and you will - see -
for if there were no battles,
there could be no - victory...

Some think that all these trials,
just show God isn't - here -
but as we call on Him for help,
we know He's very - near...

As fire refines silver,
our character gets - strong -
these trials give us wisdom,
discerning right from - wrong...

Suffering and hardship,
are unpleasant at the - time -
but as we learn to persevere,
each mountain we can - climb...

God never lets us suffer,
more than we can - bear -
as we turn and lean on Him,
His faithfullness is - there...

So as you face your trials,
let God lead your - way -
He will not forsake you,
but give strength for each --- New Day...

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